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Dance Project started in 2002, shortly after the events of September 11 wishing to bring hope and healing through the devastated streets of New York. The Director of this event, Cheryl Cutlip, who is also the founder, is a former Rockette, dance company founded in 1932. At the launch, Project Dance brought together over 100 dancers in the streets of Manhattan.


Project Dance is an international and intercultural movement of dance that seeks to have a positive influence on culture through artistic integrity. Our goal is to see every artist getting better and progress in its field to achieve its full potential. In doing so, we realize that each of them can leave to the next generation a culture of dance and spectacle that is positive and redemptive.


With this vision, Project Dance is implementing around the world, a 3-day event to build relationships with nations by honoring their culture. Artists from around the world gather to encourage each other and support each other through training, network builiding, and shows. This event took place in major cities such as Atlanta, Brisbane, Costa Rica, Detroit, Greenville, Hong Kong, Houston, Jerusalem, Kansas City, London, Los Angeles, Manila, New York City, Orlando, Penang, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Washington and now Paris.


Dancers, teachers, choreographers, students and more than 300 volunteers make possible this annual event in the world. We invite you to join this movement which will have a cultural impact on the nation.


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A word of Cheryl Cutlip,
Project Dance Founder

"Each year Project Dance is pleased to serve over 2,000 dancers in the world. From New York City to Hong Kong, it is a community of emerging dancers who want to make a difference through the universal language of dance. Each time the event occurred, the producer, with the help of dance groups and a great team of volunteers gives us the opportunity to be present all around the globe. Join the movement that is changing the face of dance in our cultures. Help us to get off the dance theaters and studios and to bring it in the very heart of cities. Come to train with top level artists and professional dancers to inspire you and achieve a higher potential in your art. We look forward to seeing you in Project Dance Paris."


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