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All practical information to register

and participate in Project Dance Paris

Project Dance Paris registration fees :

Before June 20th :     € 200  

After June 20th :        € 250

It is recommended to those who can not be present at all wend-end activities to register, however, for the entire event.

Deadline : July 15th, 2023

After this date, please contact us.

Your registration will be totally effectif once we have all the informations required (payment, musics and videos). Project dance Paris reserve the right to prevent anyone from performing the Saturday if their informations are not complete. 


Included in the price
3 days include: an Open Air Dance Day, Master Classes, Stands for Speakers, a Concert Live Project Dance, a dance that made the World Tour, a Surprise Bag and more.



Not included in the price
Transportation, food and housing.




Registration will be held on the site HelloAsso.


Individual registrations
A dancer can come alone. In addition to your solo, you will learn a group choreography taught by Project Dance in all cities where the event will be held. You will have the opportunity to dance during the Outdoor Concert with all other participants.



Group registrations
We welcome groups and companies. A place is provided by registration of group of 10 people / dancers. Each participant must, however, register individually online. For managers who wish to participate in three days, it is recommended to register with the possibility of using the 11th offered to the group. Teachers are also encouraged to register. For more information or any other questions regarding registration, thank you for contacting us.



Please upload your music when you register on HelloAsso. If you are not able to upload your music when you register, please send us your music in mp3 format by email stating the following information:
THE GROUP NAME / TRACK NAME. You will also need your music on an USB keys (in case of a problem) for the music manager.



Thank you to send, before June 20th, the video of your performance in an online format, easy viewing and choice of costumes at stating the following information :


We are asking you to send us the video that early in case we need you to change something, for you to have the time to work on it before the event. Even if your choreography is not done please send us what you have at the due date or before.

Project Dance staff asks each group / individual to submit a copy of their works which will be seen before the event. Project Dance reserves the right to make suggestions and ask for changes to your music suggestions / lyrics / movements / costumes.

Dancers who would not have sent their videos will not be on the Saturday outdoor concert program.

All pieces must be seen by all generations. Past the deadline, there will be no guarantee of passing on stage. For any group or individual registered, we advise you to prepare two or three pieces.

Solo: 3 minutes maximum. Group: 5 minutes maximum.


The deadline for registration is July 15th.
Beyond that date, you should contact Project Dance by email to We encourage participants to take advantage of early registration offers cheaply at the bottom of the page. If you register at the last minute, there will be additional charges.



Cancellation conditions
If for whatever reason you are obliged to cancel your arrival, half of the registration fee will be refunded after the event.


Age limit
There is no age limit to pursue a dance career. We are aware of age differences within a group or a school. However we ask minors to be accompanied by an adult.



Accompanying / Family Members
The Open Air concert is open to all. The coaches and family members benefit from preferential rates to attend the Project Dance Live and participate in Master Classes.



Housing Information / hotel (information to come)

We are encouraging you to use the Airbnb website :

Or if you prefer here is a list of Hotels and  Youth hostels :

Hotels :

Hôtel Luna Park

1 Rue Jacquard, 75011 Paris

01 48 05 65 50

Hipotel Paris Buttes


7 Rue Jean Baptiste Dumay,

 75020 Paris

0161 820 2029

Hotel Hibiscus

66 rue de Malte, 75011 Paris

01 48 05 51 98

Timhotel Nation

7 rue d'avron, 75020 Paris

01 43 56 29 29

Auberges :

The Loft

70 rue Julien Lacroix, 75020 Paris

01 42 02 42 02

Generator Hostels

9 - 11 place du colonel Fabien, 75010 Paris

01 70 98 84 00

St Christopher's inn Paris Gare du Nord

5 rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

BVJ Opéra Montmartre

1 rue de la tour des dames, 75009 Paris

01 42 36 88 18

Le Montclair Montmartre

62 rue Ramey, 75018 Paris

01 46 06 46 07

Auberge Internationale des Jeunes

10 rue Trousseau, 75011 Paris

01 47 00 62 00

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