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Place de la République

A unique dance show July 22nd, 2023

to restore Beauty and Hope in the Capital of Love

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Project Dance Paris is an international and intercultural event of dancers and gospel music that wants to bring out the beauty of Paris by honoring its culture. The attacks in January and November 2015 have shaken Paris and the whole nation of France. This vision of hope through dance was a highlight. We believe that love and beauty, manifested through art executed with integrity, are powerful tools to heal hearts and give hope. Thus, Project Dance Paris wants to move the beating heart of the capital of love to bring her healing and joy.


The purpose of the event is to offer a unique opportunity in France to all artists who want to be inspired and to contribute their talent to bring forth life in the heart of Paris.

On Friday 21st, 2023 you could attend Project Dance Live Paris, a concert open to the public in favor of an organization working with children at risk. The goal of the organization is to promote solidarity and education for under privileged children, to give them a hope and a future.

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