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All answers to questions
frequently asked by participants

Are participants allowed to sing live during a scheduled dance for the Open Air concert?
Yes. However, like any dance show, you will have to submit you show. Keep in mind that all cities do not have the same capacity in terms of sound.



Is there a discount if I did not attend the whole event?
Apart from registration fees, we do not offer preferential rates in Project Dance. It is easier to appreciate our event by participating in all the activites planned for the weekend. If you have other activities scheduled at the same time and you can not be present at all the weekend, nothing prevents you to register anyway.



Do I have to dance at the Dance Open Air concert?
The outdoor concert will be the central point of any event "Project Dance", you are not required to dance. We offer what we call "group dance" and is taught to all dancers on the first day of the event. Then we present together at the concert of Dance outdoors. This dance is for everyone. Those who do not wish to move only on stage, anyway can dance this dance group.



Can I dance solo?
Yes, the solos are part of events "Project Dance". However we tend to book solos for advanced level dancers or professional. Keep in mind that we offer the Dance Group that allows everyone to participate.



I do not have the means to pay the registration fee. Can I participate anyway in Project Dance ?
We offer a sponsor search form that allows dancers to find the finances they need to register. You can apply to form by writing to:



What if I spent the early registration date but I want anyway register later?
Dancers can register after the deadline, however it is important to provide certain information as soon as possible (eg the number of dancers, the number of songs performed). Usually, once the deadline is reached, we begin to buy the missing T-shirts and preparing the bags surprise. This is also the time when we prepare the order of the show. We will do our best to meet the needs of the backward and in turn, appreciate your patience.



What kind of dances, costumes, and music are appropriate for a Project Dance event?
Our Concert Plein Air is an open dance concert for families, the public, and presents different types of dances. We encourage groups that transmit a message of hope and healing. The public loves rhythmic pieces, entertaining, humorous, but also more dramatic. The costumes and the music should be suitable for all ages.



How do I know if our dance has been accepted?
During the registration process, we ask the dancers to present their piece to confirm. While it this is not a hearing, we reserve the right to offer suggestions as-costumes, content and music. The manager of the scene probably contact you to share any concerns or questions about the proposed cuts. You will be welcome to participate in our event.



Our company can offer it more than one piece for the outdoor concert?
Yes, in most cases, we can honor 3-5 pieces offered by company. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that only one group, because of the different variables around the outdoor event. We will do our best to make you get on stage as much as possible. The key is to offer a dance that will include all the dancers of the troupe. Place it as the primary choice when registering. This will allow everyone to dance at least once.



I'll come with 3 different companies in my studio. Should I try to include all three in a single piece of dance as we represent the same studio?
No. You can submit a piece for each of the three companies. We are aware that you have dancers ages and levels and we are delighted to honor the structure you put in place. So make a list of other dances that you would like and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Moreover, try to give us the name of each company rather than the name of the studio. This will help us plan the show.



Can I use the accessories?
Yes and no ! You can use props if you can bring what you need. We can not guarantee accessories store during the day. On the other hand, he has not enough time between the dances, so there will be no time allowed to prepare the accessories. Please do not ask our staffs to buy accessories for your songs. Once you arrive in a city, looking for the best place to find the accessories you will need.

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